Services we provide

The belows are some of the important activities we perform to provide a very effective service.
Sourcing: Our primary function as buying agents is to find suppliers according to your needs in terms of your price range, type of product and finally the quality of the product. Suppliers vary from product to product and between various price ranges. We are committed to find the supplier that best caters to your need. We here at HDBDGROUP are committed at making sure that your interests are protected in all aspects of the process. Monitoring: Once we sort out an ideal supplier for you our next function is to ensure that the production process runs smoothly. We monitor our suppliers constantly to ensure timely shipment and locate any bottlenecks in the process. Monitoring is a critical function in terms of reduction of lead time. With constant surveillance we can also provide you with instant feedbacks. Sourcing & Operations: Once one order is confirmed with ultimate customer we use to finalize our sourcing units and fix up total operations planning on works flow chart under critical path and time and action (TNA) operations follow up system with respective responsible units and persons to success the total activities in time and committed delivery meet up with customers. Quality Control System: All buyers require good quality and with our quality control division we ensure that the buyers' requirements are met. Quality cannot be sacrificed at any cost and thus we believe that all finished products should meet the basic requirements of the buyer and to avoid incurring extra costs. We have a proper implementation of required quality system with manpower instruments. Sampling: Collecting customers requirement of fabric and style. Identifying and selection of appropriate source. Preliminary screening by inspection and testing. Forwarding samples to the customers and receiving feedback. Shipment: Arranging vessel for shipment with the forwarders and follow up shipment points for smoother connections.

Quality, Commitment & Service is our motto